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Mooring and Winch Policies

Koombana Bay sailing club has a wonderful mooring area which sits in the sheltered waters in front of the club. Due to the popularity of larger keel boats in the club, the mooring area is always near capacity.

This does not mean that we are full, it does mean that you will have to apply for a mooring through the club committee.

It also means that we take our mooring policy seriously and require all mooring holders to be a financial member of the Koombana Bay Sailing Club.

Mooring Policy


Members do not own moorings. The Club leases the mooring space to members on an annual basis. The member owns and is responsible for


A normal mooring fee is charged to a member leasing a mooring at the beginning of the KBSC financial year if they are the registered holder of this mooring during the financial year for more than 30 days.



Allocated mooring space which is paid for by annual mooring lease fee CANNOT be purchased or sold. This is because allocation of a mooring and payment of the fee only entitles the member to LEASE the space rather than own it, and therefore the member cannot sell it to another person.



The mooring equipment (chain, float, weight), being the property of the member, can be sold to another person.



Only senior, financial members are entitled to lease a mooring space. Boat-owners whose membership has lapsed forgo their right to use a KBSC mooring space and the tackle must be removed within 3 months as then the mooring is available for re-allocation by the Club.



All costs must be paid before being allowed in the water and onto any mooring (no cash no splash)



Mooring space is allocated under consultation with the KBSC Mooring Officer. Mooring space is not automatically transferable when a boat is sold; however KBSC will do all it can to accommodate the new boat owner if possible.



All boats will be billed as "participating" initially with an end of year reconciliation for "non-participating" boats (see “Non-Participating Levy below).



All moorings must be Inspected and Certified by a Department of Transport approved mooring contractor every TWO YEARS as being  well maintained, in good condition and fit for purpose.   



As of the 1st of December 2014 all moorings must have a float that is yellow or day-glow orange (red) in colour and minimum size 467mm long 300mm in diameter. Float must be embossed or otherwise legibly painted or marked with the mooring number and size of boat in letters 50mm in height and not less than 6mm in width, positioned and maintained so they are clearly visible. Example No52 - 9mtrs



All boats moored within KBSC mooring area shall have a minimum of 3rd party / public liability insurance to the value of $10 million. Proof of insurance must be produced prior to occupancy and copies of paid renewal policy to be forwarded to the office annually.



You are responsible for the mooring security of your vessel. Should your boat or equipment break free and damage any jetty, club property or other vessels, you will be liable for the cost of repairs.

Winch Policy


The KBSC winch is only to be used when the following conditions are satisfied:



Boats over 6 tonnes will not be permitted to use the club winch.



Only boats on the club register are entitled to use the winch. Only boats owned by paid up senior members or life members will be registered.



• The winch is to be operated by a, Committee approved, key holder only.
• The yacht/boat owner must be present during the entire winching operation.
• It shall be the boat owner’s responsibility to provide a minimum of 3 adults to manage a safe winching operation.
• At least one of these adults must be stationed ashore and take responsibility for ensuring that there is at least a 5m safety zone maintained between the winch cable and any person.



The jinker
• Must be of sound construction and condition as agreed by winch operator



Cleaning and maintenance
• Any cleaning of growth must be carried out on the sand area
• All rubbish must be removed from the KBSC grounds.



• Boat owners must accept responsibility for the entire winching operation. The winch operator and the management of KBSC will not accept any liability for damage to persons or property during the winching operation.

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