Boat Storage & Participation

Koombana Bay Sailing Club is lucky enough to have a secure compound as well as a hardstand area that allows for on site storage of boats. This allows off the beach boats to be stored easily with their mast up for ease of rigging when sailing as well as allowing the keel 
boats a safe storage area during the winter months.

All members wishing to leave their boat onsite in the hardstand or compound area must first advise the hardstand/compound officer of the club committee.

Members must be current financial members and have their boat registered with the club administration. Fees are charged for boats onsite for longer than two weeks.

This space allocated for boat storage is for members benefit. Koombana Bay Sailing Club encourages all members to participate in sailing events around the club and discourage the practice of long term boat storage.

Koombana Bay Sailing Club has introduced a “Non- Participation Fee” to encourage members to use their boats. See the Hardstand Fee structure for more details on the non participation fee.



​As at July 2020


Koombana Bay Sailing Club provides paid up senior members with an option to lease a hardstand site for temporary boat storage during the winter months. This policy is designed to ensure that the limited space is used for participating boats and the practice of long term boat storage is discouraged.
Full year undercover storage is also available on an annual lease basis, for inflatable tenders and “off the beach” dinghies.
Only tenders associated with a boat moored at the Club are permitted in the storage shed. Only boats that have been allocated a storage bay by the Rear Commodore Sailing (or delegate officer) are entitled to use any space in the junior boat shed. Inflatables must be stored in such a manner that they do not protrude more than 600mm west of the pipe rack. No dingy is to be left in the passage ways.
Leased sites are allocated and managed by the compound officer and undercover storage is allocated and managed by the Rear Commodore Juniors.
All boats will be billed as "participating" initially with an end of financial year reconciliation for "non-participating" boats. A non-participation levy is charged in addition to normal storage and mooring fees. See the Club fee schedule.
If a boat owner has more than one boat that requires multiple hard stand sites only one of those boats will be exempt from the non-participation levy. Owners who have purchased a second boat are given one (1) years grace while the boat is being actively marketed.
Boat owners are only permitted 3 consecutive years per non-participating boat. After 3 years you are required to remove your non-participating boat from Club premises. Each non participation invoice issued will increment your non-participation status.
If during the financial year a boat was owned by more than one club member then the levy is charged when all owners have been classified as non-participating.
Note: Koombana Bay Sailing Club is not responsible for any loss or damage to member’s equipment.
Only boats, jinkers and/or trailers conforming to the following conditions are permitted on site;

  • A storage item is defined as a jinker (with or without a yacht or a boat), a trailer (with or without a yacht or a boat) or a boat, yacht or dinghy located within the club’s ground.

  •  A storage fee is charged to a member owning a storage item at the beginning of the KBSC financial year if this item is located on the club’s grounds during that financial year for more than 7 days.

  • Each jinker or trailer should be registered by nominating a principal boat to be used with this jinker or trailer. The name of this boat, the owner and contact number must be clearly marked on the jinker or a trailer.

  • Only boats on the KBSC Boat Register are permitted on site.

  • All boat owners leasing a hard stand space must submit a copy of a current third party insurance certificate to the value of $10,000,000 to the Club administration office on an annual basis. Owners failing to produce such a certificate will be asked to remove their boat.

  • All trailers/jinkers are to be in good repair and should have appropriate steering. Note that no boat should be stored on the ground. The Club reserves the right to move a jinker at any time should the need arise.

  • Tyres, rims, batteries, chemicals, solvents, repair material etc. cannot be disposed of at KBSC and should be removed from the Club by the boat owner.

  • Boats owners are responsible for ensuring that any antifouling or paint removed is done in a way that minimizes hazardous dust or sludge and that any resultant waste material is collected and removed from the Club.

  • To reduce opportunistic vandalism and theft; props, stands, jacks, scaffolding, planks, ladders and other items are not to be left at KBSC unless they are in active use for boat maintenance. Boat owners are encouraged to remove flares, first aid kits, knives, alcohol and any other loose items from their boats when on the hard stand.

  • Maintenance work is permitted. Any waste created must be disposed of by the boat owner on a daily basis.The boat storage area is not to be used for major refits or as a boat building yard, although routine maintenance work is permitted. Any waste created must be disposed of by the boat owner on a daily basis.

To ensure that the yacht clubs grounds are not to be used as mere storage areas for member’s yachts, and to uphold the Objects of the Club “….the promotion and encouragement of the sport of yachting generally, and racing between sailing yachts in particular ….”, non-participating levies are charged in addition to normal storage and mooring fees.


In broad terms, “Participation” is classified as any boat starting any five (5) KBSC Club events including twilights and Club social sailing events for any given Club year.
There are however other ways that members can demonstrate participation apart from sailing. Some of these include, holding an active committee position, making a donation exceeding $1000, contributing approximately 15 hours of volunteer work e.g. crewing on a rescue or starting boat, attending Club busy bees, assisting with junior sail training sessions or Club events or other work approved by the Committee.
The onus to record such participation in the Club register (available in the Club office) remains with the member.
If any member feels they have been an active participant in the Club over the course of the season, despite not having started five events, or if they have been affected by a severe unexpected event preventing them from participating in Club activities, then they are welcome to make written application to the KBSC Management Committee to be considered as a participating member.
Members disputing non-participating levies are responsible for explaining or providing evidence for an exemption to the Committee.
A non-participating levy is not applicable to new approved storage item(s) registered with the Club after 1st February in any given year.

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