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Boat Storage & Participation

Koombana Bay Sailing Club is lucky enough to have a hardstand area that allows for on site storage of boats. This allows off the beach boats to be stored easily with their mast up for ease of rigging when sailing as well as allowing the keel  boats a safe storage area during the winter months.

All members wishing to leave their boat onsite in the hardstand area must first advise the hardstand/compound officer of the club committee.

Members must be current financial members and have their boat registered with the club administration. Fees are charged for boats onsite for longer than two weeks.

This space allocated for boat storage is for members benefit. Koombana Bay Sailing Club encourages all members to participate in sailing events around the club and discourage the practice of long term boat storage.

Koombana Bay Sailing Club has a “Non-Participation Fee” to encourage members to use their boats. See the Boat Storage and Participation Policy below for more details on the non-participation fee.



​As at July 2023

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